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Leadership, Strategy and Tools for Sustainability

Leadership, Strategy and Tools for Sustainability

Today’s leaders face one certainty: they are operating in an environment of uncertainty. Consumption is increasing. Resources are dwindling. Delivering stakeholder value is an imperative, but so is factoring in the global challenges we collectively face. Every decision has the potential to enhance – or compromise – the well-being and security of future generations.

That’s a lot of responsibility.

And that’s why Stanford created a new two-part Strategies for Sustainability Program that unpacks the core mindsets, knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainability and resilience in today’s complex environment.

In our short online course, we’ll explore frameworks and tools needed to promote sustainability. In our 2.5 day in-person program, we'll share how you can become a change agent through transformative leadership and design thinking. Either way, you’ll learn to identify opportunities, overcome barriers and influence positive change for your organization and the greater world.

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Faculty Highlights

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Ecosystems of Change: Partnering across sectors to increase the impact of sustainability efforts
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